How To Make Fashion Editorial on Color and B&W Film

hey how’s it going everyone welcome back to the channel today we’re going to be shooting in golden gate park with a beautiful model amanda we’re going to be experimenting with color film and black and white film on the hasselblad just going to take some nice fashion editorial photos with her outfit and we have a second one too so we’re just going to have fun you’ll see the results as it goes so let’s get right down to it a little bit lower there you go there you go hmm able to take your arm completely out just like that oh yeah there you go there you go three two three two and one all right take five the pictures turned out so much better than i thought they would like holy crap my favorite images from this photo set are easily the ones when amanda is bicep curling the mirror and she kind of has like a little side-by-side profile action with a reflection the colors worked so well and the reflection was so clean and sharp.

i’m so glad that f8 and 5.6 allowed a deepened up depth of field so that her face was sharp in both the reflection and her actual image it was also perfect that the sky in the reflection was a dark blue i love having a dark blue sky whenever i have like a portrait session and i like go from a low angle and shoot up towards the sky i don’t really like light blue against like orange skin i really like more color contrast and having that present in the reflection was perfect i just want to give a shout out to my model amanda lee young you can follow her socials wherever i’m gonna put it on the screen she did an excellent job with the outfit with the posing shout out to nathan for helping me film this video as well we were shooting at the conservatory of flowers in golden gate park and that white building that you see.

i’ve used it before in the past video and it’s perfect for broad daylight shoots because it acts like almost a 270 degree uh bounce board so you know the shadows aren’t going to be super harsh your face is going to be nice and well lit and you saw that in most of the photos so let me tell you about my experience alternating between color and black and white for the shoot this is the only time i’ve ever experienced like what it’s like to have two backs for a certain camera so for the hasselblad 500 you could totally buy another film back whether it’s 120 or 220 and then stick like color film in one black one the other so you can alternate whatever you feel like it it’s such a nice option to have because say for example you have the pentax 67 and you’re like halfway through portrait 400 and either i don’t know.

you have overcast clouds and color won’t look right in that for you or if you simply just want to switch to black and white you have to burn the whole roll to switch to black and white or another alternate film or own a different pen to x67 and go on uh switching between the two i personally have a 120 back and the 220 back for the hasselblad one is black and one is chrome so i know the difference that i don’t get the mixed up if you guys don’t know what 220 film is or 220 back is it pretty much is like a regular medium format roll where you get 12 shots with a 6×6 10 with 6×7 15 or 16 with six four five with a 220 it’s pretty much just double the length so for the hasselblad and 6×6 you would get 12 shots on a regular 120 roll for a 220 you get 24. so it’s super economical and you’ll be wondering like oh why doesn’t everybody get a 220 roll most film companies if not all film companies don’t make 220 rolls anymore it’s just much rather more economical to have a 120 roll so for this particular shoot.

i did have somewhat of a strategy of when i would shoot with black and white and when i was shooting with color film but most of the times plan a would be [ __ ] with tri-x so kodak trix 400 is actually my absolute favorite black and white film of choice because of its natural high contrast and gritty look and when i shoot black and white i obviously don’t have color as a tool to emphasize beautiful skin tones or beautiful blue sky to kind of steal your attention and make this photo a lot more easily digestible i have to pay attention to how textures interact with each other you don’t just see a nice blurred out tree in the background with nice bokeh balls through it you see just textures and leaves and kind of like a a rough thing going on in the background you don’t just see a nice smooth gradation of skin tones anymore you just see a gradation of gray colors so this is my chance to really show stronger emotion through either the face or through the shape of the body and i believe me and amanda did a really good job doing that with some poses either showing only one eye or showing like really sharp angles with a very businesswoman-like energy going on.

and i wanted to emphasize that a little bit more with a lower angle too if you can see in most of the example photos i loved shooting at a lower angle when she was standing up not because she was only taller than me but to show more of that strength one thing i wish i did pay more attention to was how the shadows were kind of like cascading across her eyes it’s one of the cruxes you have to deal with when shooting in broad daylight let alone high noon sun so that’s just one thing that you have to deal with by either angling the head upwards towards the sky or backlighting her completely or using a mirror or a bounce light or a bounce board to kind of you know even out the shadow so it looks a lot more softer and the contrast isn’t so dramatic and pronounced i feel like i really don’t need to say too much about the color shots.

because i’ve shown so much of it on my channel already i’m i’m in love with the porsche 160 and porsche 400 colors and the interactions that we had with her in the mirror were some of my favorites again with a side by side profile and overall i really thought that the shoot was a success of doing some editorial work fashion editorial work and again i want to shout out amanda for all of her hard work all of her expertise in posing and also just knowing what looks good which side looks good and uh really taking the mental load off of me opposing her and uh yeah that’s all i have for you guys in this video hope you guys like the images i sure as hell did i’m a huge fan of how they came out super excited when expired film always turns out good always always a blessing make sure you subscribe like this video and comment down below what you thought about this fashion editorial shoot and if i should do more of these if i should i don’t know do them more in the studio whatever you guys want i’ll uh consider it in the comments below but um that’s all i have for you guys today i will see you guys in the next post.