How to Pose Girls who are Not Models

Welcome back to another episode of Usama photography people who are twice his height hey what’s going on everybody welcome back to the channel today’s another episode of posing your friends who are not models and i have a couple episodes posing specifically guys who are not models and a general universal one on that same topic too you could click up here for that i recently did a dive into my analytics and it said that 75 of my audience is male with 25 being girls and i have no problem with my fellow homies with my fellow bros on the internet but straight up our channel is festering like a dude ranch like it is straight up full of platitudes and bros who are affirming me but even though that’s cool and all i love all y’all i kind of want a little bit more of a 50 50 ratio of guys and girls you know so we can spread the love evenly across the board you know.

so in today’s post we’re gonna try to solve that problem make it uh 70 30 60 40. i know it’ll never hit 50 50 because that’s just the way the internet works so when it comes to posing girls i’m pretty sure all of us know the cliche ideas like the typical look away from me over your shoulder and you know just give me a very mysterious vibe like you’re walking away from me or something leave me with an emotion of abandonment or the look away from the camera and laugh candidly and lastly the cornerstone the staple head tilt you know what i’m saying we’re gonna go a little bit beyond those three typical poses and i’m gonna give you guys five tips to follow five principles to follow when posing and photographing girls who are not models and i don’t even want to go on the record to say.

i’m an expert at this this is very much my bottleneck here is chris chu’s guide to posing women who are not models tip number one is don’t be a creep if you’re a photographer guy or girl and you have some kind of ulterior motive cut that crap out don’t do it know your boundaries know your physical boundaries you don’t need to manhandle your model you don’t need to always lay your hands on them to move their wrists around or move their ankle around you can straight up talk from a distance mirror the pose and have them follow you or you can just use your words communicate it clearly know your boundaries if the model says that he or she is very uncomfortable with the post that you are giving move along respected no means no it’s not that hard to follow don’t be a creep and if you really want to like micro adjust something ask ask if you say like oh i’m like is it okay.

if i move your wrist with my hands be clear with your intentions okay it’s not that hard to not be a creep seriously everybody god and like don’t applaud for me for that because this should be common sense like we should not come on all right tip number two tip number two is to pose in curves and use soft touch in my previous episode of posing guys who are not models i stress and maybe stress too much to use jagged edges and sharp corners to really accentuate that masculinity and those macho features for women it’s kind of the reverse you could really do a good job of promoting that femininity and accentuating the curves maybe even having an s curve formed by the arms like maybe one hand on the stomach and the other hand on the head literally making an s curve or perhaps you could have them say left hand on the right cheek very gently or maybe the right hand just curl the fingertips a little bit and put it right underneath your chin those kind of poses those kind of ideas really drive that home there’s tons of ideas online and i’m going to admit that i don’t know a lot of poses for women.

but one thing that i actually do want to remind you guys is that don’t look like you’re trying too hard i know that posing can be very unnatural for most of us really and even though you’re going for like gentleness and stuff like that if it looks like they’re really uncomfortable or it looks really unnatural then it could really clash with that idea so if it doesn’t work just move on dial it back a little bit you’ll figure it out it’s all about problem solving at the end of the day tip number three is to hit that blogger leg and i remember in college my friend told me about this and i was like what the heck is a blogger leg i hope my friend who taught me this concept is watching this because she’s probably gonna crack up seeing a guy explain what a blogger leg is it’s a lot more simple than you think instead of having your feet side by side next to each other and making you look a little bit too stiff just literally have one foot out maybe on the toes angle the heel out adjust a little bit to see more of the side of the shoe side of the feet or you can have them show the profile maybe the right side of the left side and then just kick up the front heel up and then that’s two examples two strong examples of the blogger leg.

i don’t know how something so simple can be so helpful but that’s literally all the explanation i can give you is really just hit that blogger leg and you are like on your way tip number four is the classic play with the hair and clothing and yes this does make your photo a lot more dynamic but it more so takes care of the crux of every single portrait session which is what do i do with my hands for the guys in my previous episode i said that they could throw it in the pocket you could play with accessories like a watch or rings or maybe hold on to the sunglasses and you could do all those things with women as well but they have something that most guys don’t which is longer hair guys who do have longer hair though it’s kind of like whoa that’s sick like fabio just entered the chat for the girls who could have them whip their hair left and right whip it up and down you could even have them played across their face for a little bit more of a mysterious girl aesthetic you could have the clothing just hang right off the shoulders and onto the elbows to promote that fragility and that femininity as well.

and there’s tons of variations that you could play with this and i’m sure you can make a very dynamic photo from it just make sure that you’re taking care of the awkward hand no i’m saying and my last and final tip for you guys is to break rule number two and go geometric even though i just had to promote femininity through like curves accentuating them and with soft touch i feel like with hard geometric poses for women maybe like even in a matching outfit like a blazer or like some kind of like business-like tough outfit maybe a leather jacket it is so bold i love it i’ve seen it in like high fashion model poses and just even casual photos too it exudes so much confidence not saying that the others don’t but it’s so bold the contrast of like a very masculine pose with a very feminine figure is awesome i don’t know what it is again i’m no expert on this but it works and that’s all i have for you guys in this video make sure you like this video subscribe leave a comment down below and share with your friends who are struggling with posing and at the end of the day we’re all trying to just make each other better if you guys do implement any of these tips and you post on instagram make sure you tag me at who’s chris chu would love to see your work and i will see you guys in the next post peace.