Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 9 In Urdu & English Subtitles

The much anticipated 9th episode of the historical drama series “Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi” was released on January 16th, 2024 on This episode features Urdu & English Subtitles for the this time again, making the series accessible to a wider international audience.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi tells the story of the legendary Muslim ruler Salahuddin Ayyubi and his conquest of Jerusalem during the Crusades in the 12th century. Often referred to as Saladin in the West, he is widely respected by both Muslims and Christians for his nobility, chivalry, and military prowess.

This episode picks up after Saladin’s victorious battle of Hittin against the Crusader forces of King Guy of Jerusalem. With momentum on his side, Saladin pushes onwards to liberate the holy city of Jerusalem from Crusader control.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 9 In Urdu & English Subtitles

  • Genre: Historical drama
  • Based on: The life of Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi
  • Episodes: 30
  • Release Date: August 2021 – Present

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi is directed by Mehmet Bozdağ, produced in Turkey, and airs on state broadcaster TRT. With its high production values, grand scale battle scenes, and focus on Saladin as a three-dimensional character, the series has proven very popular both domestically and abroad.

Season# of EpisodesTime Period CoveredKey Events
1301138-1187Saladin’s early life, rise to power in Egypt, conquest of Jerusalem

This 9th episode arrives at a key juncture when Saladin’s ascendance in the Middle East was fully cemented after capturing Jerusalem.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 9 In Urdu & English Subtitles Synopsis – Conquest of Jerusalem

In episode 9, “Fatehiyyun” (Openers of Conquest), Saladin’s forces are closing in on Crusader-controlled Jerusalem after securing decisive victories across the Holy Land.

Saladin hopes to avoid besieging and bloodshed by allowing the city’s inhabitants to pay a ransom and depart unharmed. However, tensions flare over the fate of the city, triggers violence and leads to a final epic battle for control of Jerusalem.

Key events include:

  • Saladin’s Siege of Jerusalem: Initial negotiations about the city’s surrender break down over disagreements about ransoms. Faced with an impasse, Saladin begins battering down Jerusalem’s walls with trebuchets.
  • Battle of Hattin Survivors Defend the City: With most of Jerusalem’s able-bodied defenders killed at Hattin, the city is defended by women, children, priests and the elderly. However, some Hattin survivors trapped in the city put up a desperate last stand.
  • Crusaders Retake the Walls: In a sudden sally, the embattled city defenders heroically push Saladin’s forces back and temporarily regain control of the breached walls. But lacking numbers and supplies, they cannot hold out for long.
  • Final Clash at the Walls: As Jerusalem’s defenses weaken, Saladin’s forces storm the walls for a final grueling clash to determine the city’s fate. After an intensely fought battle, the Muslims emerge victorious and Jerusalem surrenders.
  • Saladin Enters Jerusalem: In the climactic scene, Saladin humbly enters Jerusalem on foot, signaling the end of the Crusader Kingdom and ushering in a new era for the holy city under Muslim rule once again.

With Jerusalem captured, Saladin’s domination of the Crusaders is nearly complete. The Muslim world rejoices at the return of the holy city while Christendom recoils, setting the stage for the upcoming Third Crusade.

The episode’s title “Fatehiyyun” refers to a prophecy about Muslims reconquering Jerusalem and the prestige Saladin gains as its liberator.

Why Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 9 In Urdu & English Subtitles Matter

The addition of English subtitles in this episode is a major milestone, bringing the story of Saladin to even more people around the world. Given Saladin’s prominence across histories and cultures, this has broad relevance.

Specific benefits include:

  • Appreciating Saladin’s Legacy: With much of Saladin’s legacy centered around Jerusalem, understanding this history is invaluable. The subtitles help extend his lasting significance.
  • Perspectives on Crusader Era: The medieval Crusades left deep imprints shaping Middle Eastern and Western relations that still persist. These subtitles can build bridges of understanding.
  • Entertainment Value: As a high budget costume drama, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi succeeds as sheer entertainment even for those less familiar with the history.

By removing language barriers blocking access, the subtitles allow this compelling human drama to speak to more hearts and minds globally.

The producers added subtitles in a bid to further boost international distribution and turn the series into a worldwide phenomenon on par with shows like “Ertugrul”.

Historical Accuracy and Perspective

As a historical drama intended partly to entertain, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi does take some creative liberties with the precise facts. However, it strives to capture the core essence and importance of Saladin’s life and accomplishments.

Regarding the conquest of Jerusalem depicted in this episode, the show hews closely to the established historical record about:

  • Saladin’s military campaign culminating in taking the city
  • The siege tactics and back-and-forth battle before the city fell
  • Saladin’s mercy, kindness and respect after capturing Jerusalem, allowing Christians to remain

The show does condense the timeframes slightly and alter some character names and details for story purposes. But the broad picture aligns with history and the producers consulted with Saladin scholars.

Turkish state media has incentives to present Saladin in a positive light as a unifying Muslim leader who defeated Western Crusaders but showed mercy. This mirrors current geopolitics between the West and Middle East.

But fundamentally, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi captures the core authentic events and ensuing historical significance. For audiences unfamiliar with this history, the subtitles help extend this powerful story.

What Viewers Can Expect From Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitles

For those considering watching, episode 9 delivers on multiple fronts:

  • Dramatic Battle Scenes: The multi-stage siege and fight for Jerusalem makes for tense, high-stakes action. The production quality and realism keeps viewers on edge.
  • Emotional Family Drama: In the midst of war, Saladin’s family confronts their own struggles and power dynamics that heighten the tension.
  • Moral Complexity: Though Saladin is largely heroic, even he grapples with heavy decisions weighing ethics, responsibility for his people, and his faith.
  • History Come Alive: By infusing iconic moments with human stories and character perspective, the epic history feels intimate and immediate. The sets, costumes, accents all convince.

Episode 9 culminates years of rising momentum and represents the apex of Saladin’s glory. As his banner flies over Jerusalem, cheering crowds hail him across the Muslim world as a champion of the faith.

Yet to come are new external threats, internal rifts emerging from success, and the winding down of an eventful life well lived.

For those hooked so far or newly intrigued, this episode delivers a satisfying emotional payoff while setting up coming complications.

Final Thoughts

Through a fictional lens illuminating essential truths, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi continues bringing alive a towering figure of history for a 21st century audience.

The addition of English subtitles helps extend the show’s reach and share this enduring story of conviction, compassion and conscience with more of humanity. Saladin’s example remains highly relevant today.

As episode 9 demonstrates through highs and lows, easy choices seldom exist even for the greatest leaders. But confronting difficulties with patience and principle can earn respect across coming centuries.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi makes the past feel vividly present while sparking timely dialogues about our shared future.

Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles