Kuruluş Osman Season 5 Episode 144 In Urdu & English Subtitles

The historical Turkish drama Kuruluş Osman returns today for its 144th episode, launching the second part of the smash hit’s 5th season. This beloved series depicts the life of founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman Bey (Burak Özçivit), and his struggle to establish a new Turkish principality.

Today’s episode generates excitement as Osman plots his risky conquest of Inegöl castle from the declining Seljuk Sultanate. Fans eagerly await the battle scenes while political intrigue continues in the Byzantine Empire. The episode interweaves action, drama, and romance for a potent mix.

Overview & Key Details

  • Air Date: January 18, 2024
  • Episode: 144 out of 200+
  • Season: 5, Part 2
  • Runtime: Approx. 120 minutes
  • Where to WatchATV Website & Apps
  • Languages: Turkish, English Subtitles
  • TV Channel: ATV (Turkey)

This guide will recap story so far plus give historical analysis, production trivia, character guides, and event maps to enrich Kuruluş Osman viewing.

Story So Far (Season 5, Part 1)

In the first 10 episodes of Season 5, Osman expanded his borders through war and diplomacy:

  • Episode 134: Osman’s son Orhan is born, securing his dynasty.
  • Episode 135: Mongol invader Tekudar destroys the Seljuk Sultanate.
  • Episode 136: Osman captures İznik from the Greeks and makes it his capital.
  • Episode 137: Osman’s brother Gündüz Bey secures an alliance with Turkish emirs in Denizli.
  • Episode 138: Osman sends his wife Bala Hatun on a peace embassy to the Ilkhanate Mongols.
  • Episode 139: The Mongols invade the Byzantine Empire and besiege its capital, Constantinople.
  • Episode 140: Osman agrees to a military alliance with the Mongols led by Kösenç.
  • Episode 141: Byzantine ronin Mike Reis warns Osman of a plot by the Mongol Tekudar.
  • Episode 142: Mongols retreat from Maltepe’s walls defeated. Tekudar captures Mike.
  • Episode 143: Osman brokers trade between the Kharmanids and Alemdar of Karesi.

Osman now eyes westward expansion before Tekudar returns or the Byzantines recover.

What to Expect in Episode 144

Episode 144 launches the next chapter as Osman pursues critical western fortresses.

Inegöl Castle Siege

Osman sets sight on capturing Inegöl castle, a stronghold in Bithynia near Bursa. It blocks his access to the Marmara Sea and coastal domains of the Byzantines and Latins.

Inegöl is governed by the aging Seljuk commander Satılmış Bey, loyal to the now destroyed Sultanate. Unaware of developments, he refuses Osman’s offers to surrender.

Osman besieges Inegöl castle with high stakes, as capturing it means battling the Seljuks – fellow Oghuz Turks. Victory would expand Osman’s western border.

Family Drama in the Tribe

Meanwhile in the Kayi village, Osman’s aunt Aslihan strives to help her niece Bala after she loses her son Alişar.

Aslihan and brother-in-law Dündar support the grieving Bala during her difficult recovery.

But the still bitter Dündar resents Osman’s leadership, sparking tension between the brothers. This thread highlights family drama within the tribe.

Komnenos Moves in Constantinople

In subplot, the episode likely shows Byzantine heir Alexios Komnenos conspiring to become Emperor after the Mongol siege fractured the Empire.

Alexios sees a chance to seize power from the paranoid Emperor Andronikos – setting up future conflicts.

Historical Analysis

The life of Osman Gazi has profound lessons for state-building and strategic leadership relevant today:

Vision and Momentum

Osman has a strong vision to forge Turkish power after conquests by Mongols, Latins, and Greeks bring chaos. His strategic choice of Iznik and Inegöl build momentum.

Alliance Building

Osman forms adaptive alliances with neighboring beys, emirs, and even the Mongols when facing common foes. This pragmatism helps the Ottoman state coalesce.

Governance and Loyalty

Osman wins loyalty by governing well – ensuring justice, security, and infrastructure in conquered lands. This means smoothly integrating diverse groups like Greeks.

His heirs later undermine this with corruption and repression – showing the roots of social contracts between ruler and people.

Production Trivia

  • Over 1 million social media followers track the latest Kuruluş Osman updates.
  • The series films across scenic Turkish sites like Nif Mountain, home village sets, and medieval İznik.
  • 400+ horses transport cast and gear across filming locations.
  • Sets utilize old stone buildings in villages like Kemerburgaz for authenticity.
  • Natural lighting and fires provide 90% of lighting instead of studio equipment.

Kuruluş Osman’s production quality enriches its believable historical world.

Impact & Ratings

Since its 2019 premiere, Kuruluş Osman consistently tops viewership charts and cultural influence:

Season 5 Viewers150+ million worldwide
Weekly Viewers15+ million in Turkey
International SalesAired in 50+ countries

The series drives interest in history and travel:

  • Turkish language learning apps and Ottoman history books see traffic surges when new seasons drop.
  • Ottoman sites highlighted in the show like Iznik and Söğüt see boosted tourism.

Kuruluş Osman is Turkey’s version of Game of Thrones – action packed while unveiling insights into medieval power politics.

What Happens Next?

Episode 144 ends with the fate of Inegöl castle unknown – will cunning commander Satılmış negotiate with or battle against Osman?

If Osman captures Inegöl, he sets the stage to later besiege Ottoman founded-city Bursa.

Rumors also swirl of the Mongol Tekudar raising a massive army in the east to again crash into Anatolia and challenge Osman…

Make sure to watch Episode 145 next week to follow the exciting expansion of the Ottoman State!