The Peaceful Film Photography of Brae Hunziker

Hey how’s it going everybody reporting live from the state of washington decided to take a little break from the bay area with my boy nathan behind the camera we’re gonna be shooting in beautiful north bend washington i’ve never been here the landscape looks pretty freaking nice compared to what california can offer so we’re just gonna take uh drive around maybe hike a little bit i’m gonna be testing out a pretty exciting new piece of gear so uh before we do that let’s uh let us begin yo what the hell do you mind closing that i’m trying to catch some z’s man are you frey hunziker yeah what are you doing in my trunk i’m in everybody’s trunk oh if you’re not going to shut it you at least want to go shoot no spot just down the road it’ll be a good time what time is it anyway oh god all right.

Let’s do it 1960s hey what’s going on you guys today i have a very spicy collaboration for you guys with the one and only bray hunziker if you guys don’t know who he is already from the intro alone he is a photographer on youtube based out of the state of washington and he makes content revolving around film photography whether it’s like adventure hiking landscape photos to more portrait sessions around the neighborhood or of his girlfriend and other friends he also hosts a community gallery where he asks all of his subscribers and followers to pitch in their favorite photos on film and then he would start to assemble this whole entire gallery online and he would narrate on live streams about what he thought about his subscribers photo and art which i thought was super cool.

He primarily shoots on medium format film my guy but he also switches it up with 35 millimeter film photography and also super 8 films here’s a little annotation for you right here to his latest video shot on super 8 film and kodak even reposted it on their social media so that’s a little subtle flex he got going on now i recently made a trip out to seattle washington for some work and i was able to get a hangout in with bray we shot around north bend washington we went on a mini little hike and got to hang out and shoot photos of course but the entire trip with bray was cursed from start to end the photo walk first started out with me not having my take up spool in my mamiya seven because i had the 35 millimeter panoramic kit but i took it out and i completely forgot to put back in the medium format take-up tool so once i loaded up my film i was like wait wait.

I don’t have a tickle school so brave was like okay it’s fine like you could take my take-up spool so he opened up his bronica and he had film in there from one of his latest videos so he burned a roll and i was like oh shoot and then my buddy nathan was there he had his pentax and he’s like it’s okay you could take my role he opened up his back and there was film in there so he burned that role too we’re like oh shoot and then we were just messing up left and right and then i messed up my shoes and then on the way back bray lost his wallet which we end up finding out that he didn’t actually lose his wallet the entire trip was a huge monkey circus mess so that was an entire saga so we didn’t really get a video out of the hike.

But i’m going to let bray talk about his peaceful film photography hey everyone my name is bray hunziker i’m a photographer out of tacoma washington i love spending time in the pacific northwest hiking traveling and sharing these experiences over on my youtube channel which focuses mainly on film photography i really tend to enjoy warmer color palettes those rich oranges browns and yellows especially when you can sprinkle in some nice blue skies or that turquoise color of an alpine lake it’s really hard to beat the highlights might be blown to pluto on that one it’s a bit of a kind of little bright day i don’t necessarily have a favorite thing to photograph i’ve always been a huge advocate for getting outside and i love the outdoors so when i first got into photography.

I think it was only natural that i started to combine those two interests of mine which is now why i gravitate towards landscape travel outdoor photography but i wouldn’t say that i specifically operate just in that lane i mean i love taking portraits from time to time i bring a camera you know with me pretty much wherever i go and anything that i find interesting i’m going to take a picture of although it’s not always a conscious goal of mine whenever a photograph of mine can provide someone with a sense of peace calm tranquility or just general relaxation i think i’ve done my job as a photographer peace and calm is something that i’m searching for in my own life and being outside being outdoors seeing new places lends itself really nicely to these kind of relaxing and overwhelmingly peaceful moments so whenever i can convey that in my images.

I think i’ve done my job oh man a lot of people are gonna hate to hear this but i’ve actually been sober for about a month now and i really don’t have any intentions of drinking anytime soon but if you are in search of a good fantastic ipa shout out to taylor davis for showing me the way on this one the ferment ipa out of hood river oh you can’t beat it the community gallery was an initiative that i created last summer during the heat of the pandemic when meeting in person wasn’t necessarily easy or even possible in some situations and the whole goal was to create a space online for film photographers to share the work that they put so much time and effort into for a community and audience that actually cared and we’re actually going to take the time to look through on a more long-term basis and dive into and digest and even give feedback to the photographers.

It’s really easy nowadays to just scroll through instagram mindlessly like a couple pictures every now and then and not really even know what you just took in so the community gallery aimed to combat that by creating a space for these photographers had a place for their work to live on a more long term basis and we’ve ran two rounds of the community gallery so far had over 225 photographers from all over the world share their work and i plan to keep doing it in the future it’s by far my proudest accomplishment as a photographer connecting with people from all over the world and just seeing how it’s brought people together has been incredibly satisfying and incredibly rewarding for me so yeah the community gallery is is definitely going to hold a special place in my heart all right guys this is the end of the hike it was a nice time hanging out with bray out here in this uh backyard but uh where can people find you dude on youtube.

Just my name bray hunziker and same story on instagram at bray hunziker and then got a really cool project that we just finished the community gallery which is live on my website there’s now 225 photographers on my website full film photographers that you can go check out their work and uh communicate with collaborate with there might be a person in your city you never know so yeah that’s community but thanks for coming out dude and yeah join the wilderness with me man oh for sure like we’re definitely gonna come back out here like maybe in the summer you better come out we’re just gonna mob the mountains dude go full on backpack mode 70 liter backpack 60 liter backpack and we’re just gonna have a good time so will they trip out the on the lake alpine wilderness lake oh for sure and hopefully you come out to california one time dude i’m down and we’ll mop it out too but uh thank you guys for watching this video make sure you like the video comment down below and subscribe and uh as always i will see you guys and girls in the next post peace you.