The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Business

Hey everyone what’s going on welcome back to another video today we’re starting kind of a brand new series here on youtube where I kind of just sit down and talk with you guys about things that I feel like are important to know as a creative individual today we’re going to be chatting about something that I think is incredibly important and it’s something that I’ve learned myself over the last couple years and that really is the concept of trying new things right and under this big umbrella of trying new things there are multiple different ways of kind of going about this to structure your business and honestly the best way that I’ve found to kind of try new things is through multiple different kinds of revenue streams.

so when it comes to a revenue stream i think a lot of people kind of instantly think about oh revenue streams can only happen to big companies right or really successful people and i think that’s kind of what i thought as well when i first started out with my kind of photography business i was like well what else can i do you know i’m a photographer like i’m here to take pictures um but i think in today’s age especially 2021 like we have so many different and unique ways of making money now um it’s pretty silly to i think just focus on a single revenue stream nowadays especially as you know entrepreneurs creative individuals people who own our own businesses i think it’s really important to be able to have different flows of revenue so for example when a global pandemic happens like it did last year we have revenue streams that we can fall back onto to make sure that our business is safe and sound and taken care of for example last year during the entire pandemic of 2020 i didn’t get a single photography job.

I got several inquiries but a lot of them fell through because of having to be on sets with people and you know close quarters wasn’t really possible so due to that and various other reasons I didn’t really get any photography work last year which I think at first was really scary for me I was like wow what am I going to be doing I had been growing this youtube channel now for a while but I kind of thought about it last year was like this is a chance to really grow another part of my business another arm so to speak so for me at the top I have you know me obviously my business um and you know kind of streaming down from my business.

I have youtube projects uh I have photography projects I have all my social media I sell courses I sell prints and all of this stuff is incredibly important to me and my business so that when this kind of stuff happens uh I actually have something to fall back onto the right and I think the best way to go about this honestly is to kind of simultaneously building a different revenue stream while you have one that’s working if that makes sense so for me when I was running a successful photography business I started to build youtube up on the side started hiring people started bringing people on to help me make these videos but at the beginning, it was really just me every single free minute that I had basically I was devoting to making videos trying to figure out.

how to structure this youtube channel in a way that made sense for me so when I do trace it back to last year really if it weren’t for youtube I don’t think I would have been able to afford to live in Los Angeles but being honest uh it was an incredible uh period of growth and I really relied heavily on this youtube channel to provide enough revenue for my business so that we could you know honestly stay afloat keep a studio I could I have the people that I work with and youtube is incredible honestly I’m very thankful for this youtube channel and for all of you guys who are supporting me but take that what I just kind of explained and start applying it to like the way that you guys are thinking.

now take this what I’m saying and apply it to what you’re doing whatever you’ve decided to do with your life whether it’s working for a big employer or running your own business there’s no reason that you can’t have multiple different streams of revenue right and no matter how small or large they are I think it’s just really important to have your toes dipped in different areas of you know making money essentially and not only that but you’re also opening up creative doors to you know the kinds of things that you might be able to take down the road and that’s especially true I think with me and with this youtube channel making videos has turned into much more than just making videos it’s honestly made me a much more creative person I’ve really allowed myself to really kind of explore the possibilities of making videos directing producing videos and I think that’s what makes trying new things.

so interesting and so important as people who own small businesses or just businesses in general maybe you are a do you like love shooting video maybe you’re an editor all those kinds of careers are great but I think what is even greater is the opportunity to try new things and to dip your toes in different kind of ideas and ways of doing business and all the money aside from that you’re really going to become a much more creative individual and also on top of that you’re going to be able to balance your time better you’re going to be focused on a lot of different other things you know when things don’t transpire may be the way that you have wanted them to you have all these other different things to fall back onto and I’m sure it’s really easy for all of you guys to look at me and say well he’s already successful he can already do all of this um he has the platform he has the audience and you would be writing that statement.

I’m not gonna you know try to lie and say that you know I built this from the ground up actually I did I have been working so hard to build not only this youtube arm of my business but also producing and selling courses um doing commercial photography projects and structuring my photography business as such to really kind of shoot the kind of stuff that I want to be shooting um and I’ll be the first to say that it takes.

so much time to get to this point if anything that I want you guys to get out of this video maybe you’re just getting started or maybe you’re far along in your career hopefully this video can be the nudge that you guys maybe have been looking for to try something new you know to go down a different path to see if something is interesting that you haven’t really thought about that maybe you could give it a go I think we’re all kind of stuck at home right now even still in this pandemic and there’s no reason that you guys can’t just try something new.

right now you know and put all the money all the success aside uh when was the last time you guys did something just for yourself to see if you liked something or not maybe what’s the last time you tried something new when’s the last time you tried to learn something that you don’t already know all these questions are really good to ask yourself because at the end of the day.

I really think this is the single-handed best thing that you can do for your business is to try new things to incorporate different streams of revenue into your business overall just to be a little bit more creative you know I think it’s the easy thing to do is to continue doing the same thing over and over and over again when in reality I think it’s so important to kind of check yourself every once in a while and be like all right I’ve been doing this for a long time where’s the innovation where’s you know the new way of thinking and especially in today’s world with technology there’s no reason you can’t do that so with all that being said if you are struggling to kind of find a new way of you know conducting your business or adding a different arm of creativity hopefully there’s something here for you guys in this video take care you.