Print Swap & BenQ WiT Lamp Practical Review

Hey everyone I’m Hashem thanks for watching the pushing film and in this video, I’m going to be opening some mail that I just got this is actually a print and it’s part of a print exchange that I participated in with some other YouTubers so if you’ve seen my previous video on the channel where I made a print from a 120 film scan that was the one I made to send to Nico from Nico’s photography show and today I’m going to be opening up and having a look at the print I received from but who are the person I was nominated to receive a print from based over in Slovenia and I’m also going to talk a little bit about this lamp I have behind me by ben q.

so if you’re here mainly for that you can skip ahead using the chapter markers for the short review on the lamp but for now, let’s open up this print so if you’re not familiar with borrowed peter lin he has a great channel I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven’t yet uh he’s a great printer especially when it comes to darkroom printing so I’m really looking forward to seeing what he has printed and sent for me here today but yeah it’s a great channel he does a lot of outdoor adventure type stuff and camping which I’m a huge fan of he’s really funny and entertaining so I’ve got a link to his channel in the description of this video and I highly recommend checking him out and I’m just going to take it out of this sleeve here.

so we can see it a little bit better uh so this is it this is actually he told me a little bit about this by email before he sent it and it’s actually a contact print made from a collodion negative and it’s a self-portrait of him on top of the train so really true to character for him, uh to make a print of this I really appreciate getting something as uniquely handmade as this it’s a 5×7 collodion contact print of a self-portrait on top of a train and I’m definitely going to enjoy having that in the collection so really nice and unique result there I love the little imperfections on it and especially around the corners there and there’s also just a little handwritten note on the back there so thank you bordered for sending me that and now let’s talk a little bit about the BenQ lamp so if you watched that last video.

where I talked about making a print from a 120 film scan I was talking a little bit about prints in general and I stressed the importance of a few factors like using a well-calibrated monitor for example and using printing profiles and one of the things I touched on towards the end because I mentioned that I use a BenQ monitor was that also when it comes to viewing a print especially with color and I talked about checking the print under ideal lighting and if you’re using artificial light something having a high color rendering index or cri is important so funny enough BenQ had shortly after that reached out to me by email and asked me if I’d be interested in receiving and reviewing one of their lamps which is called the ben quit so even though the lamp was provided to me by BenQ this isn’t sponsored by them and I’m free to say whatever I think about the lamp.

so when they offered to send me one for free of course I’m going to say yes and naturally, you’re not going to get a lamp like this purely to view prints unless maybe you make them full time but when it comes to viewing prints a lamp like this is going to be great because it has nice even lighting it has that high cri that you want so you can check the accuracy of the colors on your print compared to what you’re seeing on screen but what I really love about it is that it looks great it’s got a really solid build quality and if you know anything about myself and Sarah we’re big fans of good design and even flipping through some of the books we have on the design I feel like this lamp is something that would age really well and a lot of thought probably went into the design of it.

so, of course, being good for viewing prints that’s not really enough of a purpose I think to justify at least for myself so what I like about using the wit is it’s great as a task lamp as well I can just shift it over to my other desk which I use for doing things like servicing cameras and changing light seals but I can also swing it back around to use for an e-reading lamp which is probably one of its main intended purposes and when using it at your screen it has a great feature where the light is more intense on the sides and a little bit less.

so on the middle it has great controls really good ergonomics it’s versatile easy to change the angle you can change the color temperature and intensity using the knob at the top so I definitely recommend this for anyone who’s in the market for a desk or task lamp so it goes for 329 Australian dollars at places like image science here in Melbourne or jb hi-fi the u.s price is 229 and if I was in the market personally I can definitely see that it’s worthwhile considering the quality.

so I put an amazon affiliate link in the description of this video if you’re interested in checking out this lamp I really appreciate anyone who does happen to use that link and I’m definitely going to be making the BenQ wit lamp a permanent part of my office setup and finally I just want to recommend you guys to check out all the other youtube channels that participated in this print exchange so not only uh but it’s a channel but check out all the other channels that I have in the description so you can see what prints they might have sent or received so I’d like to thank Gregory again from the naked photographer for inviting me to participate and for Baruch for sending me this great 5×7 contact print feel free to also join the discord server which I have a link for in the description thanks for watching another pushing film video and I’ll see you in the next one [Music] you