X-ray area secured all clear affirmative three two one walk three two one drop oh what’s up mtv it’s your boy space james and welcome to my crib what’s up y’all my name is jeremy and i like to dress up in star wars costumes me and my boy chris went to high school together we rode the bench in jv basketball and we were spandex boys in cross country and yeah i’m part of a worldwide costuming organization called the fibo first legion where we build screen accurate starburst costumes to the tee and what we do is we go to charity events go to children’s hospitals and we do like breast cancer walks autism walks alzheimer’s walks and all that sort.

So chances are if you’ve seen the star wars character in person it’s probably us alright so i’m in my last year of undergrad at uc santa barbara and me and my girlfriend decided to visit her house in la for the weekend and there was an event going on like a i believe is an alzheimer’s walk so i asked her if i could bring my suit and if we could just spend like a couple hours at angel stadium and she said yeah sure so we do that next day um i’m just checking what other events are available if there are any and then i see a description that says high profile event needed they wouldn’t tell us what it was they just said sign up if you’re interested and the next day i go to the location at three in the morning and next thing you know.

I’m signing ndas and i’m on the set of star wars so one word i was shook like got dressed up i i was just my job was just dropped the whole time i saw a whole practical tie fighter without the wings the whole set was like physical and you could see everything even though like most of the series was filmed like in a in front of an led screen but that spot specifically it was physical buildings physical props whole tie fighters the whole whole shebang is nuts number one lots of youtube number two there’s lots of forums through the 501st for different costumes that you can build so there’s a forum for stormtroopers there’s a forum for darth vader and like sith lords there’s a forum for scout troopers and all that and then thirdly i was able to meet up with like everyone in my area when i was first building my stormtrooper costume i was a part of the southern california garrison from time to time people will hold these things called armor parties.

Where everyone will just meet up with each other work on their costumes learn from each other teach people things and i was lucky enough to get hands-on learning experience and basically go step by step what pieces to make or what pieces to go through how to finish them and how to properly attach everything in terms of just interests and like things you want to do there’s always resources on the internet for you to achieve those goals like one thing i’ve always wanted to do as a little kid was just dress up in costumes and now there’s so many materials and resources for you to to make those things like i made my stormtrooper costume i made my clone trooper i made an iron man suit for my girlfriend’s little brother which came out amazing for my first time don’t listen to what anyone thinks of you or what how anyone perceives you like i was embarrassed at first.

Because i’m what i’m just a dude dressing up in a star wars costume like that’s kind of weird if you think about it outside of conventions and stuff but look where it got me i’m on star wars now and no one can change that even beyond just being in star wars i was able to take my girlfriend to the hollywood premiere and it was just a one-in-a-million experience for the both of us and i gotta just give credit to her when i would do all these armor parties and i would be building my costumes at other people’s houses she would be the one helping me drive there taking me back she helped me she helped bring me to the set of the mandalorian.

Because i didn’t have a car with me because i was still in college and yeah just thank you jamie i love you y’all can find me on instagram and tick tock at space jams with the z and i also stream call of duty at cynical tv and my kde is a three point seven three and a half three hundred plus one thank you thank you again to jeremy for hopping onto this video to uh kind of share his story about his star wars experience and being on the set of mandalorian which i still think is like mad crazy that one of my old classmates from back in the day um is on one of my favorite movie franchises and the mandalorian if you guys have seen it or not it’s an incredible incredible show so i highly recommend subscribing to disney plus for that this is definitely not an ad just a very genuine excited opinion.

So the reason why i brought jeremy onto this channel is because i want to pull from the people in my life who are chasing their own passions i don’t want to share their stories with you because you guys already know like my upbringing and the reason why i’m doing what i’m doing and my whole story so i think you guys can benefit from hearing from other people who are not necessarily photographers like jeremy is a huge star wars fan who made it onto star wars and i want to interview one of the guys who directly inspired my photography journey from the beginning and yeah that’s more photography related but like other other hustles as well i feel like all of us including myself can benefit from talking to people uh listening to them and really just um tuning in to like how they thought and what they did uh to be in the place that they are now because jeremy made a really good point in the video.

And i tend to say this very often as well that you should definitely like chase the things that you are even having the slightest interest in because the internet is a great place to teach you you don’t even have to go to school for most of it anymore i feel like now is the time to do it like there will never be a perfect time to start there will never be like the sun will be shining on your camera through a window and telling you like hey today’s the day you’re gonna go full time like that’ll never happen you have to start doing the work and you have to start being able to make mistakes and being okay with making them and then learning from them and then moving on from that.

I feel like a lot of us put a pressure on ourselves to be perfect in the launch of things like be 23 and 0 on the scoreboard when in actuality like life will look like 93 to 89 um 93 successes and 89 mistakes but you still win at the end of the day so i really highly encourage you to start researching into the things that you want to do especially if it’s youtube because um you’re on youtube but yeah i hope you guys like this video uh it’s still an honor to like have a friend who is on the set of mandalorian be on my channel and also my old basketball teammate cross country teammate uh to reconnect with as well so make sure you guys subscribe leave a comment down below about what you thought uh like this video and i will see you guys in the next post peace you.