iPad Pro 2020 Review – How To Run Photography Business

I’ve been using this 2020 iPad pro now for several months and it has fundamentally changed the way I run my business in more ways than that this has easily become one of my favorite tools in my arsenal to organize my projects and get things done on the iPad can really be an incredible productivity tool and workhorse for your creative business it all really depends on what you need it for when I think about why this iPad has been so great it is in large part because this device isn’t trying to replace my laptop as an editing workhorse.

I really find that simple tasks are easily completed on the iPad and it really is a joy to use I use the iPad every single day typically I’ll check emails in the morning and check my to-do list as well as notion to get a headstart on what the day looks like notion has really changed the way that I collaborate with my team as well as organize projects into databases that just makes sense everything from scripts to brand partnerships to due dates are all organized in motion I can communicate everything from revisions on videos to timelines and create a calendar that we can stick to stay organized.

when I record videos at the office it’s usually quite the process of setting up a-roll talking sequences so the ability to have the full script on notion just off-camera to refer to as I’m filming really helps make shoot days go a lot more efficiently I also love having a predetermined list of b-roll selection clips that we need to shoot for any sort of upcoming video it’s really nice to be able to see all this in one organized area as far as shoots go I really love planning our photo shoots and projects on my iPad the fact that I can set up wherever and tackle mood boards locations and planning everything out really helps me feel less stressed on the day of the shoot.

so typically I will only bring my iPad home with me at night from the office no MacBook or any sort of other equipment it’s really nice to have on hand especially when random ideas hit and I want to write it down into notion I’ve gotten into a really good habit recently of writing down ideas as they come and it has worked out really well to hide the iPad with me on hand to write down these ideas photography-wise I don’t typically edit a ton on my iPad usually that is saved for my MacBook pro however I really like the idea of being able to just bring the iPad on a short weekend trip in tandem with a smaller camera to have a really nice small compact setup perfect for on-the-go edits for something like this the fuji x100v paired with the iPad makes a lot of sense in terms of portability and usage.

I use dropbox for all my personal and client work and being able to access my full library of files on the iPad has been huge anything from upcoming videos to sent to clients to everyday images and portrait shoots dropbox really helps me organize all of my files in a single space it’s really helpful to be able to have all this on iPad as well as on my phone usbc is obviously a huge selling point of this iPad for me being able to plug in ssds raids as well as any sort of memory card readers to organize and send out files is a really big help for me I don’t do this a ton but just having the option especially in a pinch is really great I think for me what has really changed.

how I use this device is definitely going to be the keyboard specifically I have the apple magic keyboard and although it’s extremely expensive I can type just as fast as if I was using a traditional computer keyboard which is key for productivity I find that I’m able to send emails and write down scripts very easily on this iPad because of how easy and seamless the typing experience is on the keyboard overall the iPad for me really just is a productivity workhorse it does exactly what I needed to do really which is just organize all of my ideas upcoming photoshoots scripting youtube videos and really just organizing my thoughts clearly and cohesively it just helps me really do the thing that I do for a living better and for anyone out there who’s a creative individual.

who’s struggling to keep their ideas organized definitely recommend checking out some of the apps and services that I went through in this video including notion which is just absolutely incredible for me this has really changed the game and the iPad honestly helps me do that in a much more efficient way helps me run my business and deliver a better product in the end if you guys have any questions about the iPad or my workflow definitely leave a comment down below I don’t want to make some more videos about this I want to see really how this iPad affects my business in the long term but that is all for today guys thank you so much as always for watching.

hopefully, you enjoyed this one let me know down in the comments if you guys have any questions and we will see you next week peace before this video does wrap up I did want to thank today’s sponsor which is Squarespace for sponsoring today’s episode as you guys might know Squarespace has been a long time supporter of this youtube channel and I can’t thank them enough for the continued support of my photography and my filmmaking and my creative endeavors, in general, I’ve been using Squarespace as a customer for just over three years now and I can’t say enough great things about how easy their platform is to use I’ve just found it’s the best and most simple way to make a great website for me to display my work for clients to see.

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