How to Digitally Illustrate Photos on iPad

Hi what’s going on everybody welcome back to the channel do you guys enjoy those light fixtures in the back i kind of left them up from the last video that i recorded and i woke up one morning and i you know saw and i’m like you know what i’m gonna keep him i feel like uh i feel like a visco girl all jokes aside welcome to today’s video this will be part of the self-portrait series that is ongoing on this channel if you haven’t seen any of the seven that i’ve made i will link the latest one up here in this little annotation but today is self portraits eight which is gonna be super different actually from the other seven because the other seven i like created new photos on the spot for this one we’re gonna be digitally illustrating digital remixing cartooning yourself i don’t really know but you could tell from the thumbnail that we’re gonna be doing something a little bit different i’m gonna be taking three photos.

Maybe three photos and illustrating a little bit of um cartoonish looks on my ipad you can follow along on your macbook or on your phone or on whatever device you pick you can use procreate or photoshop i’m gonna be using photoshop and this thing that we’re gonna be doing today is something that i used to do in college because it reminded me of when i was growing up i had a very vivid imagination i didn’t have that many friends to hang out with so i would actually imagine like cartoon characters like running around my room that i would interact with and talk with it’s not crazy i was a kid all right that’s cute but there was an actual cartoon that reminded me of that imagination growing up.

And the show was called the amazing world of gumball i don’t know if any of you watched it i think it aired in the early 2010s or the late 2000s it was on cartoon network but pretty much the art style that they used in this cartoon was taking pictures of a high school actually out here in san francisco abraham lincoln high school and they would just animate two dimensional cartoon characters and that’s how i grew up imagining you know friends dang dude that’s sad but anyways that is just some background information on what kind of arts we’re going to be making today you could call it grime art you could call it cartooning yourself whatever it is we’re going to be jumping right into it now all right guys so we’re about to start the screen recording on the ipad.

so make sure you pull up whatever software you’re going to be using and a photo that you’re going to be working on and before we begin i just want to preface that i am not a professional sketch artist or an illustrator or anything i have no background in formal teaching i taught everything by myself or watching other people so what i’m about to do may make you cringe like there could be some kind of shortcut of me doing this but bear with me because i have zero knowledge of photoshop zero knowledge of procreate or any software that we’re using i’m just gonna do it my way my get away so there’s that alright.

so i’m going to be opening up this photo right here this very serious black and white photo of myself all right so i’m pretty sure that every photoshop artist is going to tell you the same thing that i’m about to tell you which is a start a new layer so we’re going to double tap and call this outline rename just because uh we’re going to be drawing like a thick black border around my face we’re going to be reanimating my face for this part so i’m going to be selecting the paint brush tool right here i’m going to be messing up a lot like during this so bear with me so i’m just going to draw actually let’s do halfway on my face let’s do a little bit of oh already messed up start from my widow’s peak just go down a little bit right down the middle of my face stop next to my freaking weird beard goatee-ish thing gonna go along my jawline here oh my gosh this is gonna kill me all right.

so we outlined the more shadowy side of my face because it’s a lot more grim looking we’re going to reanimate that all right so on the same outline layer i highly suggest making your eyebrows or your eyes right now or filling in like the nose holes or the details of the nose because those belong in the outline in my opinion so i’m just going to do that real quick right now [Music] all right so so far this just looks like a bully drawing something that someone would just draw over someone’s face and like a textbook back in elementary middle school but don’t worry it’s going to look better we’re going to start a new layer i’m going to call mine gold hold on let me drag this below the outline because i don’t want it to show above it so i’m going to double tap that i’m going to rename it gold because that’s the color i’ll be filling in for my flat primary color so make sure that you have like your primary color set i’m gonna be using gold as i said before so let’s just start filling it in.

i’m gonna increase this brush size so i can make it a little bit more efficient all right so as you can see as we’re filling it in because the gold layer is below the outline layer on the stack it won’t go over the outlines if it were the other way around those outlines will be buried underneath this gold paint that i’m putting down right now i think there is a more efficient way of doing this where you use like uh the pen tool and then you just like i think use the bucket tool to fill in anything like within a border but i’m doing it this way because i actually love the satisfaction of filling in parts of a drawing like this it reminds me of like the coloring book days right now i’m listening to j cole’s interlude single right now he is dropping his newest album pretty soon so i’m really excited the last track he dropped was called snow on the bluff which is his response to uh not knowing.

what to say during the george floyd protests and people calling him out for his silence on twitter and social media and him admitting that it’s not easy to come up with something to say on the spot sometimes but admitting that he should have said something anyways or you know just admitting his own faults this is completely irrelevant to the tutorial by the way all right so just to like give yourself a little bit of a progress update you could start toggling your layers to show like hey like you’re making some progress that’s what i like to do to encourage myself since i’m not a professional illustrator so gold layer by itself looks kind of stupid but with the outlines it looks pretty dope without the golds looks pretty stupid but together we’re doing good.

i’m actually going to add in the outline layer like details about my ear because it looks kind of weird just having a little oval oops a little oval without any detail showing that it’s an ear all right so this is the part where the grime in the grime art comes in and we’re going to add a new layer we’re going to call it grime doesn’t necessarily have to be underneath the outline layer but i’m just going to put it underneath because you know just for just for consistency’s sake but basically all you do is just draw or i’m going to use a thinner brush actually just draw like slime oozing down my face or down your face or whatever object you’re drawing that’s where the grime is going to come in just a little fun art style you could uh play with different hardness of the brush do whatever you please all right so i finished uh my little ooze slimes you could take however much time you want to do on that or add it all over the place or just add a few few ones but uh we’re going to add a new layer we’re going to call it shading.

i’m going to call mine gold shade just so it’s consistent with the colors that i’m using gold shade will go underneath grime and go above gold so this part you go back to your primary color that using you you’re using for your flat color and then click it and then what i do is just i drag it down just a little bit lower than where it was on the color board uh because in my mind that logically makes sense like lower in the value or lower in the color board just shows a darker version of your color correct me if i’m wrong in the comment section and then you’re going to start shading where there’s actual shadows on your face in the original photo so i’m going to toggle my gold layer off and the grime layer off and you can see that there is a little bit of shading underneath my lip underneath my nose and underneath my eyebrow so i’m going to fill it in right there [Music] that just looks like i have a really nasty nose bigger line around my nostril i’ll decide if i want to keep that later or not i think it looks fine.

so now i’m going to draw a little shading underneath each slime so you know to kind of add some effect on that [Music] okay so i’m getting a pretty holistic view of um the entire grime art right now it looks pretty good i’m going to do some adjustments like the little drawn eye that i did it looks a little bit too high relative to my real life so i’m going to erase it and then try to relocate it a little bit lower maybe add some more slime the little shadow around my nostril still looks like a little uh poopoo stain but we’ll try to get rid of that or modify that to make it look better but so far it’s looking pretty good hopefully you’re at a stage where you’re like proud of it remember like you can still toggle between the different layers to kind of show like that progression uh to encourage like that what you’re doing is kind of cool so i’m just going to do a little bit modification then we’ll uh continue from there alright so i fixed the eye i’m just going to keep the no shading just uh as is but what i’m gonna do right.

now is actually break the border like right in the middle and i’m going to actually have the slime come towards the bottom left corner of my face so on your screen bottom right corner oh just just to like play around with that right now it looks pretty good oh my god i just drew all over my face right now looks pretty good so i’m just actually gonna export this real quick all right so now i have one version of this saved on my computer we’re going to actually modify this now to have it go on another corner of my face so with the the outline layer i’m going to actually erase right here midway through right here to kind of uh open up the gates for that continuation of the crime sorry guys uh and then go back to outline we’re going to continue this right around my jawline how do i make it look like sliming down my face here i’ll just do this yeah not too bad then we’ll go back to gold shade gold layer [Music] okay looks it doesn’t look that bad it looks it looks pretty good i think i’m gonna add a little bit more boldness on the downstrokes of the slime on the corner over here just to uh add that effect i’m gonna go back to the outline layer switch to black paint again add a little bit more oh my god too big there we go yeah i like that oh yep oh yeah i really like that it’s dope all right so it’s probably bugging you guys i didn’t finish my mouth or my nose.

so i’m gonna do that right now i’m gonna get rid of the gold shade oh my god this looks so gross with the gold shade so let me just finish the lip right here oh gosh the thickness is all messed up and my face is like tilted how did i do that and there we have it ladies and gentlemen my finished piece i’m very proud of it this is actually a little bit different from what i have been doing which is i usually cover my entire face or cover someone’s entire face with grime but this time i want to do a little bit of a partial one a little bit of experimentation in a live video recording which is kind of risky but it turned out pretty good i’m going to show you other examples of grime art that i’ve done in the past or as of like yesterday or two days ago with the i don’t know development of this video idea have fun with whatever you’re going to be doing with your self portraits this is a fun way to modify it and also have fun expressing another side of creativity that maybe you have never experienced before alright so that’s all i have for you guys today i will see you guys and girls in the next post peace.