How Music Influences my Photography Process

I can daydream a lot when i’m at home on a drive during a walk or in a room full of people i’m very much present in those moments while simultaneously being somewhere else different ideas different thoughts planetary imagination competing to the front of my mind and with everything that goes on in my mind i notice that every time i daydream it always starts with one thing music thank you back in middle school when everybody was rocking their ipods i would be sitting at home watching youtube or in the car listening to the radio because my parents couldn’t afford apple products i would just be there and listening to the song a million times over so that i can memorize every single line and every single lyric i would make it a goal to memorize eight songs at a time so that i could play any track that i wanted in my head or sing it out loud during school or during basketball or any activity music truly laid a foundation for me and there’s a soundtrack for every chapter of my life and with my photography and videography.

It’s no different a song has to be part of the process and like with everything else in life there is no one-size-fits-all formula i have to have a different song or a different track or a sound for every single photo or idea that i have i’m going for a specific picture i not only have to imagine and see the colors but i have to feel it too and i’m really colorblind man so i could use all the help that i can get and the song with the right vibe and the bpm will take me there back at home after i finish calling through the photos i tend to pick atmospheric music with no lyrics to help me get into the creative flow state i don’t want to be focused on the song but rather have the song help me focus on the photography and at the end of this process i’ve created a ton of photos.

I’m proud of and had a lot of fun doing it being a youtuber challenges me to share this experience with my viewers like how am i supposed to get you to feel what i felt when i took this photo and this is why it’s so important for me to find the right track for my youtube videos because it’s essentially an invitation into the world of like the planetary imagination that music sparks in me i want to bring you into the space that i was in when i was creating these visuals which brings me to the sponsor of this video art list our list is a great place to find music for these videos and your youtube ideas as well there’s a wide assortment of royalty-free music you can choose from and there’s a lot of good ones out there gone are the days of crappy royalty free music artless can get you on the right track and it’s really easy to navigate with this advanced search engine.

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In this post i hope you guys really liked it we filmed it on a new camera i’ll be talking about it in a future video but some of you have already like picked it out from the background of some of my videos uh it was really fun to make uh thank you to my friend mj vallejo for helping me film he’s a professional videographer in the bay area so please check him out in the description below i know music is super important for all of us so i hope this video resonated with you guys these type of cinematic videos are really fun to make even though they’re not like the centerpiece of my channel these are more for me than it is for you know a wide vast audience.

I’m also working on the next big one already it’s just taking a really long time because i wanted to get it just right so hopefully you guys um are patient for that i don’t even know if you guys even knew that i was working on it some of you guys do but anyways make sure you subscribe like this video and comment down below of what you thought of this entire thing and make sure you click the links down below to check out artless or arkarid if you’re trying to start your youtube channel in 2021 i feel like it’s a great time to do so and guys and girls i will see you in the next post peace.