Expired Film Challenge on Medium Format

Hey what’s going on you guys welcome to a very windy episode of shooting film today we’re going to be shooting with some activa business 200 which is expired so i’ll be talking about the benefits of shooting with expired film and the obvious cons of doing so and uh hopefully the audio is not too bad because this is the last sunny day for a long time and we’re trying to squeeze the video in so uh let’s jump right into it all right all right wow so one two three four all right so let me start off with the obvious con of shooting with expired film and that is the volatility of the results that you can get over ninety percent of the results.

That i had with the agba optima 200 were all washed in red they were all way too warm and the the color cast was just too strong for me to readjust even though i got tips in my scans and that’s just kind of like the game and the dice you have to roll when you get expired film a little back story on siebel this is the place that uh my friends and i used to go bowl or rather my friends used to go bowl pre-covered pre masks and they would always go they invited me at once but i’m terrible at bowling that’s one of the many things that i’m like completely trash at i’m the worst in the entire group and it’s like some people engage in like sports and like yeah they’re bad at it but it’s like kind of still fun to play with him because he’s like oh they’re having fun.

But when i bowl i’m so bad at it that is like it’s not even funny well obviously to me but like it’s not even funny to like the people that i’m bowling with they’re like why do you bowl like that i hardly ever break 100 so if any of you are bad at bowling comment down below so that i feel like i got brothers and sisters out there who are with me on this but if you’re good at bowling you can still comment down below actually comment down below what your best score is what is your personal record your pr i would like to know or actually maybe i don’t another con of shooting with expired film stocks is that the sensitivity to light is a lot slower and because the chemicals are less sensitive to light you have to compensate with a slower shutter speed or a wider aperture so the rule of thumb is this with each decade you have to compensate with one more stop of light so for the agba optima 200 that i was shooting with.

It expired in the year 2000 so that’s two decades ago instead of metering at iso 200 you have to meter at not 100 but iso 64 and that’s what i had to do completely fine in broad daylight but in the shade it was a lot more problematic because i have to either bring the shutter speed to 130th or 115th and uh for you guys depending on which stock you have you might have to throw your camera on a tripod and use a remote trigger or a cable release in broad daylight sometimes if you want to capture shadow details or a subject in the shadow foreign all right let’s talk about the pros it’s not all doom and gloom so the obvious pros that you can experience the good old film days from back then with uh the more interesting ones like maybe aggvo optima 200 act with vista 200 the porsche 400 nc which is the neutral color.

But of course we all know that kodak kind of combined them all into like one formula which is the porsche 400 that we know now and there’s no other like option whether to go more vibrant or neutral it’s just all in one place just know that no matter how reliable the seller is you’re still rolling the dice you still have a chance of getting a blank roll a fogged out roll or the results just looking completely whack another pro is that they’re likely a cheaper option than the modern day film stocks i bought a whole lot of expired portrait 160 800 and 400 all for i think 56 dollars for 18 rolls and you could do the math and that’s like incredible price so you could find like these uh gigantic boxes these gigantic lots of people just selling on facebook marketplace or on ebay just trying to get rid of like uh the things that have been accumulating in the fridge or their warehouse for so many years.

And if you could find those you would get really lucky and you’d be set for a good amount of time luckily for me all the ones that i owned expired in 2017 which is only four years ago so i don’t even have to compensate in terms of light and the reliability of their chemicals is still a-okay so most of the times you could find a cheaper option through the expired avenue but for some some people sell expired film stocks for way more than what they used to retail for in the past for example fuji natura i believe it’s 1600 those things are being sold for like 40 dollars to like a hundred dollars a roll and i don’t know if it’s in 120 or in 35 millimeter.

But it’s still like absurd that people know that there’s like a high demand for like these um i don’t know these glory day film stocks and they’re like taking advantage of it it is what it is supply and demand that’s just like you know that’s the free market but just know that if you want to experience some of the good old day stuff you might have to pay a heavy price tag but anyways going back to the images when i got those original scans back tips uh they were so red i i did dial them back just a little bit but again i couldn’t fix it.

Because it was just so washed that’s just part of the game i thought it was really interesting it wasn’t that much of a bummer because there could have been a chance that they didn’t develop at all that they just come out blank so it is what it is it was a fun time experimenting with this and i hope you guys learned a thing or two about expired film i feel like most of the times they are going to be positive experiences just you know don’t be surprised if uh they don’t work out that’s all i have for you guys for this video i hope you guys enjoyed that make sure you subscribe like this video and comment down below and i’ll see you guys in the next post peace.