Amateur vs Pro Photographer Challenge

Hey how’s it going everybody welcome back to the channel today we’re going to be having a very interesting challenge post pro photographer versus amateur photographer with my friend tiff and the very beautiful model june uh we’re going to be having three rounds all over san francisco and we’re going to make it fun and interesting so let’s get to it all right for round one we’re here at palace of fine arts in san francisco and for this round it’s just very like plain jane we’re gonna have five minutes each of us we’re also gonna have a timer that’s gonna be walking around with us too and all we have to do is just shoot as many photos as possible with june and uh to decide who goes first we’re going to flip a coin so that’s your tails hey siri flip a coin it’s tails okay you go first oh wait i don’t know okay you have to you have to decide do you want to go first.

okay i’ll go first cool all right nice there we go and then like act like someone like punched you into something like this perfect just like that hold that hold that there you go very nice very nice hold that hold that right there don’t move don’t move all right very nice very nice there you go right there let me see your right eye until uh oh sorry uh move your left hand until like it’s you see the sunlight there you go yeah go ahead oh yeah just like that three two one there you go there you go hold that perfect dune perfect look right at me oh my god time okay jesus good job i love that yeah minute updates next time jesus christ five minutes is like long but really fast at the same time okay um maybe a little bit in the light yeah thanks yeah okay okay and then i’ll do a little bit this way thank you hey welcome to round two we’re both gonna take five minutes each to shoot june but this time we’ll have to incorporate a prop whether it’s the umbrella right here or a mirror install on the other side and uh i’m gonna be going first i believe and again five minutes use a prop.

i think this time both of us know that we could take a little bit more of our time because i rushed way too much in the first round but uh let’s get right to it oh i love it and then when you take two steps just maintain your eye contact on me there you go oh perfect i’m doing great much better and then with the mirror just like that perfect hey it’s feeling right this time i said that every time living life without the shine can i have another try um it looks so if good do the same things if we do the same things is control do you think we can go on the ground two i’m just going okay yay thank you you did so good okay all right we just finished round two and we’re on the final round now we’re at china beach it’s pretty cold as you can tell um this one will only be three minutes long but this one is gonna be interesting because me and tiff are actually going to swap cameras i haven’t used this camera in eight years and have you ever used a camera like that before all right perfect it’s gonna be interesting and uh we’re gonna both take turns again three minutes each with june in this lovely red dress on the beach.

so let’s get to it all right nice oh my gosh three two one three two one three two one and then can you have your right hand on your left sheet there you go oh man having zoom is great all right stand back up all right how willing are you to touch the water oh my gosh she’s she’s wonderful all right we’re gonna wait for the next wave uh when the next wave comes just like kick the water up but until until then let’s just uh play around kind of like spin around like along the water there you go yep go ahead perfect got it oh dang it like frozone one second uh let’s do it one more time let’s get a little closer oh my god i’m gonna get my socks wet all right almost there all right three two one go for it got it perfect love it how about you start back there and then start walking towards me oh there you go june oh no all right i’m good i’m good i’m good i’m good all right guys we’re at the end round three.

how do you think you did too um i think i did pretty good um i feel a little bit better after the last two rounds yeah so she did a great job working with the daylight that’s running a little low but i’m sure the pictures turned out fine so what do you think is one thing that you learned from this experience you know doing three shoots like what do you think you learned that you could apply to a next photo shoot i think one thing i learned is to definitely be more direct and not be shy of the poses or anything that i’m thinking about um yeah for sure yeah so any advice to you aspiring photographers out there you know everyone has started somewhere so you did great tip so yeah all right this is the last round how did you do mr chris um with tiff’s camera was definitely like an unfamiliar um i’m familiar like territory again it did feel reminiscent of like what i started out with.

because i started out with a camera very similar to that my advice for like any photographer out there who’s like on a gig if you feel like you’re messing up just keep going and fix it along the way don’t say oh i messed up because i definitely messed up and while i was telling june’s oppose i was like wow these are all bad i was just trying to figure it out on the fly so that’s how i feel for sure yeah nothing post-production can’t fix so um what’s one thing that you learned coming out like switching cameras you’re doing a prop like what’s something you learned from today uh using a prop very interesting switching cameras is a nice um exciting thing i think like working with like friends like on fun videos like this is always fun and i always learn a lot about like how to teach other people in like different ways whether it’s learn by doing such as this or maybe learn in like a more tutorial fashion where like i don’t show you how i do it but um show you just like facts and like other tips like just on the screen.

so i know i learned a lot by just like i don’t know seeing tiff like get thrown into the deep end almost literally and work with like a professional model all right thank you guys so much for watching and thank you chris and tiffany as well all right we’re here with june after all three rounds she went through six yeah six rounds of shooting and modeling so i wanted to ask june because i sorcerer like online right pretty last minute i’m glad she was like willing to do this but june what were your expectations going into the shoot um that this was going to be a youtube video.

which i don’t haven’t done before um and it was going to fast pace and it was it ended up being really fast paced five minutes per photographer three at the end and it ended really quickly for for those of us for most of us who don’t know what professional modeling is like what is it is this like on par for like industry to like pose within five minutes or you have like hours to like work on this uh very different a professional model will typically take six hours of where a lot of people look on their face the whole outfit and then like the photos and this is very different this is a this is for chris’s youtube video and it’s not what i think a professional model would typically do but it’s so much fun yeah i’m really glad that she had her professional skills for us because uh most photographers bottleneck is imposing and june did a fantastic job you guys already have seen the results so thank you june for being on this post and uh we’ll see you guys later.